Ebenezer Community Center

Ebenezer Community Center


Building a stronger community is a key priority for Ebenezer Community Church. To achieve this, we recognize the important role a community center play. It is a place where people can come together and link into their community, creating a strong neighborhood and hot spots of community activity.

Ebenezer Community Center will provide community connections and lifelong learning opportunities, empowering our residents to enhance their health, social, educational and economic well-being. It will grant the opportunity for community members to become more active, confident and resilient, and form an integral part of the social fabric of the Days Mountain Community.

The two key components of the Ebenezer Community Center will be:

  • Medical check – ups and basic information on proper health care.
  • Skills Bank – dressmaking, tailoring, barbering, catering, hairdressing, computer lab and benevolence ministry/food closet.

Where we are now

We have completed the structure, thanks to the donations and volunteers who labored tirelessly. We now need to complete the floor and put in the windows and doors after which we will require the necessary equipment to offer the services to the community.

How you can help

For many kids and families in Days Mountain, our community centers offer a place of dignity and hope. You can make a long-term impact on their lives by helping complete the community center through your donations. You may give online or contact us if you have other forms of donations.